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Sebastian Bach Finds Master Tapes From Skid Row ‘Roadkill’ Home Video

February 8, 2014    |   

Vocalist SEBASTIAN BACH has checked in with a following update:

“Cracked open a box currently from storage noted ‘SKID ROW Roadkill Elements.’ Inside, we found all a strange master tapes from a home video, Roadkill. The tapes are all in primitive condition, by hurricanes and decades full of all sorts of shit. So if anyone ever wants to finally make a Skid Row Blu-Ray, we have a strange era of tapes preserved. That, however, is a really large ‘If’.”

Sebastian Bach will recover his new solo album, Give ‘Em Hell, this open around Frontiers Records. The follow-up to 2011′s Kicking Screaming was constructed by Bob Marlette (BLACK SABBATH, ROB ZOMBIE) and facilities some really special friends and guest stars, including nothing other than: Duff McKagan (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N’ ROSES), and not one though dual tip category guitar players: John 5 (ROB ZOMBIE, MARILYN MANSON) and Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL). Rounding adult a lineup on a manuscript are Devin Bronson on guitars and Bobby Jarzombek (HALFORD, FATES WARNING) on drums. Duff and Sebastian have formerly collaborated on Duff’s solo manuscript Believe In Me.

The cover for Give ‘Em Hell is being rubbed by Richard Villa. Bach settled recently: “Richard is an implausible artist and we have brainstormed some flog donkey ideas that we can't wait to execute. And sparkling for a collectors out there, it looks like we will be incorporating another one of my father’s paintings into this manuscript design. My father embellished a covers for Slave To The Grind inside design for Subhuman Race, Angel Down, and ‘Bring ‘Em Bach Alive! as well. There is one specific picture that is vivid to me that lends itself to a manuscript pretension perfectly. We are also doing a crazy donkey print event that will be utterly melodramatic and fun to do. This manuscript is going to hit we all out. we pledge it.”

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