Pamela Moore On Queensryche Split: Sometimes The Change Is For The Best

July 22, 2013    |   

Female vocalist Pamela Moore, who is best known for her performance as Sister Mary on QUEENSRŸCHE‘s 1988 epic release “Operation: Mindcrime” and 2006′s sequel “Operation: Mindcrime II”, has commented on the legal dispute between QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate and his former bandmates Scott Rockenfield (drums), Eddie Jackson (bass) and Michael Wilton (guitar) over the rights to the group’s name.

Asked what it was like to perform the band’s classic song “Suite Sister Mary” with the Todd La Torre-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE on June 26 at The Crocodile in Seattle, Washington (see video below), Moore told Amps And Green Screens: “Those guys are my friends and family, I’ve known them over 25 years now, so having them ask me to come sing with them was fun. I’d done it a couple of times before. Whenever they were in town, they’d ask if I wanted to come down and I’d always say yes. This time was a little bit different; I was singing ‘Sister Mary’ with Todd. He’s a wonderful singer, and he has a lot of admiration for the band, so for him to be in the situation that he is now, it’s like a dream come true for him, I’m sure. But he also is his own man. We had gone over the song a couple times in rehearsal, and finally when it came time for me to come onstage, I waited ’till the last minute and Todd was on fire! I was like, ‘Well done!’ It was really a fun situation to be in; the band was on, everyone seemed very lucid and relaxed, and I just wish them all the best.”

She continued: “The whole breakup situation [between Tate and the rest of QUEENSRŸCHE] has been tough for everybody in both camps, but sometimes when the smoke clears, the change is for the best, and you move on. And I really feel good about the guys, and what they’re doing, and more so they have to feel that way about themselves. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

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