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WATCH: Lita Ford Interview + Her 100 Favorite Music Videos

August 15, 2014    |   

Through our partnership with ZUUS we are excited to bring you this exclusive interview with Lita Ford! Lita talks about the making of her recent live album The Bitch Is Back…Live and how fans got to be a part of it’s unique packaging. After the interview check out 100 of Lita’s favorite music videos, personally hand-picked by her for this exclusive video channel!

Hot on the heels of her true comeback album Living Like A Runaway, Lita took to the stage at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California in early October of 2012 to showcase the new material as well as Lita Ford classics on The Bitch is Back…Live. Now fans have a chance to be a part of this memorable evening and performance.

Read our interview with Lita Ford, just days before the release of Living Like A Runaway.

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