Gene Hadley Releases Debut Album For Rock Confidential Records

By on January 15, 2013

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Gene Hadley Takes On Entertainment Culture, Assembly-Line Rock On A World Full Of Comedians

A World Full Of Comedians is the first album from ex-Hard Knox vocalist Gene Hadley in over a decade, marks debut release from Rock Confidential Records

Gene Hadley’s new album, A World Full Of Comedians, will be released January 15, 2013, by Rock Confidential Records.

A World Full Of Comedians is the first new release in over a decade from ex-Hard Knox vocalist Gene Hadley. It consists of 13 tracks wrapped up in a theme-based album full of freight-train riffs and satirical commentary unloading on the current state of entertainment culture, and the assembly-line, drive thru mentality of today’s music industry.

Recorded with a vintage 70s rock sound in mind, Hadley resurrects the influence of artists like Alice Cooper, New York Dolls, Rolling Stones, and Sex Pistols for a new generation.

“I wanted to record a collection of songs that a fan of 70s or 80s rock would want to hear,” explains Hadley. “The bands I was listening to back in the day made me what I am today – musically, and otherwise actually, for better or worse. Unfortunately, with the state of new rock music today about the only way you can hear something you actually like is attempt to write it and record it yourself.”

That do-it-yourself attitude led Hadley to seven different studios in three different states. With virtually no time for rehearsal, many songs were recorded on the spot.

“When you’re doing most of the production and instrument performances yourself it’s a slow process,” says Hadley. “I’d track the songs, listen to them and then go back and make the changes if there were any, especially in the mixdown. It still amazes me that the energy level is so high on a lot of these performances. It sounds like the band has been together and playing for years!”

There is an array of collaborators on the new album. Guitarist Chad Pullins, guitarist Mike Durham (Dave Matthews), Jerry Roe (David Archuleta, k.d. lang), Reggie Las Vegas (Ned Van Go), Rhoades D’Ablo (Kill City), Jeb Shelton, Cheri Loope Spinazzola, Tamzyn Flore, and Kyle Mann.

Musically, the album ranges far and wide, from garage punk, sleazy glam rock, hard rock and pop balladry.

From the opener “Rev It Up” to the first single “Running In Circles” and the catchy “Closer Than Most,” A World Full Of Comedians is proof that they just don’t make records like this anymore.

01. Rev It Up
02. World Full Of Comedians
03. Running In Circles
04. Lightning Strikes
05. Put On No Shelf
06. Lifetime And A Day
07. Let Him Be
08. A Network And A Flatiron
09. Roll Like A Rocker
10. All Your Answers
11. Closer Than Most
12. Look At Me
13. All The King’s Men (Reprise)

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For more information please contact:
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We asked Gene what he hopes listeners will take away from listening to A World Full Of Comedians:

I hope they find an element of the rock music they grew up with. I guess it falls into that “it is what it is” category. A throwback to a great time in music and a great era of rock and roll. For the lyrical content, some of it is just just plain funny! I hope they hear it and it puts a smile on their face – especially when they turn on the TV to those major primetime network shows and recognize exactly where I’m coming from. But to actually get the full impact you’ll have to listen to all the songs in order. They were meant to be listened to as a whole. It’s like an old school concept album. I think you’ll “get it” if you listen to the whole thing.

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