Exclusive Interview: Moonshine Bandits with Tera Patrick

By on December 4, 2012

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Since the release of their genre bending album Whiskey & Women on Suburban Noize Records, California based Moonshine Bandits have taken the world of outlaw music by storm. The group’s blue-collar work ethic and unwavering persistence has allowed them to rack over 6 million views on YouTube, while their video for “My Kind Of Country” peaked at the #1 spot on legendary country video channel CMT, beating out major label artists like Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban. The Moonshine Bandits’ intoxicating musical mixture of hip-hop and country is winning over fans of every genre and allowed them to simultaneously hit Billboard’s Rap chart at No. 44, Current Country chart at No. 65, and No. 54 on Billboard’s Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.

The Moonshine Bandits have created enough noise on their own to attract the attention of legendary Nashville booking agency Buddy Lee Attractions, the same agency that represents Jason Aldean, Colt Ford, and Josh Gracin, who now handle their bookings. The group’s hard work also paid off when they were picked up by Average Joe’s Management, the management firm that guides the careers of Colt Ford, American Idol’s Bo Bice, Rehab, The Lacs and Bubba Sparxx.

As a thank you to their loyal “Shiner” fan base for all their support, the Moonshine Bandits have assembled Whiskey & Women: Deluxe Shiner Edition, a 2-disc CD/DVD set for release December 4. The album is packed with 16 slamming tracks and five smoking new songs. To aid them the Moonshine Bandits enlisted some of the biggest outlaws in the scene to create some intoxicating musical chemistry. Rehab’s Danny Boone jumped in the studio to lay down some Southern soul on the new Shiner anthem “Dive Bar Beauty Queen”, the Bandits load up on “Shotgun Shells & Shine”, while Paradime from the Kid Rock band give the fingers to detractors on “Addicted”, and hick-hop outlaw Big Smo spits straight 151 on “Hell Raisin’ Country”.

In addition to the smoking new songs, Whiskey & Women: Deluxe Shiner Edition is packaged with an exclusive DVD of all the Moonshine Bandits’ music videos. The DVD features the videos for “Get Loose”, “For The Outlawz” featuring country superstar Colt Ford, “My Kind of Country”, “Super Goggles”, “Shine With Me”, and the brand new video for “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” featuring adult superstar Tera Patrick.

We caught up with the guys to talk about the Deluxe Edition of Whiskey & Women and the release of the new video for “Dive Bar Beauty Queen”. Tera even popped in for an update on what she’s up to and what it was like working with Moonshine Bandits!

It’s great to see you guys grab some success this year after being together for so long. Give me a little background about your music and how it’s evolved over the years.

Our music is a product of our environment that we grew up in. From backwoods parties in the country when we were younger to the things and people we meet on the road now. We were raised in a small town with a population of less than 20,000 people. Over the years, we have played all types of venues and environments and met all types of people so we focus on those experiences when we write our music.

I hear so much in your music but at the same time it doesn’t sound like anybody else. Who are some of your influences?

We listen to all types of music. We grew up on the Licensed To Ill album by the Beastie Boys, then we got into some of the hardcore West Coast hip-hop, then we loved Creedence Clearwater and we are huge fans of the legendary Johnny Cash. Our albums are similar to an iPod or jukebox because we don’t stick to one genre.

What’s the songwriting process like for Moonshine Bandits? Do you start with lyrics, beats, guitar riffs?

Tex: It’s a combination of everything. We don’t have a set method. I do believe that my best concepts come in the shower when I’m hungover. I feel that a certain part of my brain opens up and allows me to be more creative. We come up with concepts then we work with producers like Ty Weathers to help develop the direction of the music part. We also have guys like Durwood Black that sometimes help with a concept.

I really dig the fact that you’ve got so much going on besides music – like your Outlaw Moonshine. Tell me more about that.

We pride ourselves in telling our Shiner Nation Fan Base that our music is more than just music. It’s a lifestyle and a family so we try to bring to the table more than just an album. Our shows are an experience, and a reunion for Shiners to meet new Shiners. Our lifestyle motto is “Living Full Throttle” because you only live once. We develop products that fit this lifestyle and the Shiner Brand. We opened our first Shiners Bar and Grill in our hometown – Los Banos, California. Our bar holds the characteristics of the Shiner Nation Brand. Not only does it have 16 great beers on tap and great food, but we made the place look exactly like we dreamed about. It’s a home base for all Shiners to visit. We worked with a BBQ guru named “Red” and developed our own seasoning rub called “Big Tex Rebel Rub”. We landed a huge sponsorship from an energy drink company we believe in known as 51Fifty Energy Drink and their slogan “Live The Madness” has the same values we share. Our “Outlaw Moonshine” is distilled by a company called Valley Spirits located in California and it is our signature drink for Shiners. We also are sponsored by a Tattoo Company called Dos Changos Locos Tattoo in Modesto, California and our clothing sponsorship is from SRH Clothing which is an edgy worldwide company that produces some awesome gear. All of these companies and products are what we believe Shiners can relate to and are different aspects of the Shiner Nation Brand.

The Deluxe Edition of Whiskey And Women is an awesome package! What all is included?

The Deluxe Edition is our last album on steroids! It’s high powered 132 proof alcohol injected with 16 songs (5 new songs), a DVD with six music videos including our new video “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” featuring Danny Boone from the band REHAB and porn star icon Tera Patrick. Plus, this Deluxe Edition comes with a Shiner member decal for your vehicle window. The Deluxe Edition is all new packaging in a Digi Pack with some kickass new artwork. It has been digitally remastered and is a great collector’s item for all our Shiner friends.

Tell me about storyline in the “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” video.

Tera Patrick plays the lead role. The concept is based upon a badass (played by Tera) that don’t take shit from creepy shithead dudes. Basically a badass chick anthem for the ladies to raise hell to. Once again we worked with Director Scott Hansen and he knocked it out the park. Actor Gregg Travis has some great funny lines in the video as well. Gregg starred in a ton of films such as Man On The Moon, Starship Troopers and Showgirls. We were also able to get Danny Boone from the Band REHAB to fly in and take part in the video. Danny is a great friend of ours and a great singer/songwriter who made the hit song “Sitting at a Bar (the Bartender Song)”. We had all our crazy crew (Our DJ Chopstiqs, Chuckybaby, Outlaw Ana, Shiner Queen, Gypsy, Shinalo) come out to raise hell with us and just create a party type atmosphere for the video shoot so it was pretty natural because partying is what we do for a living.

What was it like working with Tera Patrick?

Tera was easy to work with. She is laid back, smart and pretty good eye candy for everyone there. She played the role well and it was badass watching her smash bottles over guys’ faces. She is actually from the Central Valley in California like us so that made it even made her role even more significant to us.

Who had the idea to get her involved?

We wanted to find a well known actress to play lead. Somebody that had popularity and looked like a badass. Owner Kevin Zinger of our label Suburban Noize recommended Tera. Of course we thought it was the perfect match, so Zinger made it happen for us.

Don’t lie – what’s your favorite Tera Patrick movie?

All of em’.

What next for Moonshine Bandits?

Promoting the Deluxe Whiskey And Women CD/DVD. We are headlining an ongoing tour known as “United Shiners of America”, which is a campaign to unite all Shiners across the United States. We are recording new material and have some huge songs in the vault. We are also hoping to pull our film guy Cooter McTucky out on the road with us to do a documentary DVD film on the Shiner Nation.

What would you like to say to your fans to wrap things up?

Raise hell! Thank you for sticking by our side and being loyal to us and the Shiner Nation Family. SFFS132

Tera Patrick Interview

How have things been going?

Great! I’ve been on the road doing many appearances, so it feels good to be back home in Los Angeles!

Let’s talk about the Moonshine Bandits video for “Dive Bar Beauty Queen.” How were your approached with the idea for this video and what did you think initially?

I was really excited! I heard I’d be doing stunts, fight scenes, and cracking bottles over heads! Are you kidding me!? Yes, yes, yes! This is NOT my average day at work! (laughs)

What was it like working on the set?

I liked working with everyone. I’ve worked on maybe two music videos before and this experience was far superior. The Bandits are just really cool great guys.

I know from our past conversations that you love music. I’ve honestly never heard anything like Moonshine Bandits. How would you describe their music to someone?

I believe the term is “Hick-Hop” and I love that!

This video will undoubtedly be embraced by CMT. Did you ever think in a million years you would end up in a country music video?

I’m really excited about it. It’s just another genre of music with fanatics but everyone loves hot chicks and music!

The year is almost over. How will you remember 2012?

This has been the best year. I’m a blessed woman. I went back to work after taking a year off because my first child Sophia was born in February. I’ve been doing appearances nonstop. I released three FHM Covers in 2012 and my website TeraPatrick.com is still going strong even though I’ve been retired from adult for six years now.

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to talk about?

My first memoir “Sinner Takes All” has a follow-up novel due out in 2013 plus I have one other novel being released next year! I’ll be in New Zealand, Australia, Atlantic City, Chicago, South Africa, Puerto Rico just to name a few appearances in 2013. You can purchase my Fleshlight Novelty at fleshlight.com/TeraPatrick and my EBAY store is http://stores.shop.ebay.com/allthingsterapatrick.

What would you like to say to your fans to wrap things up?

I adore my fanatics! Thank you for your endless support and devotion and following me into my new endeavors! Thank you Moonshine Bandits for a super fierce collaboration! Love you Lovers!!! XOXO T

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